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A 骨格 Glass app that displays your car's speed, tachometer, fuel, and instantaneous MPG in real time.
Requires an ELM327-based OBD-to-Bluetooth adapter, available for less than $15. Compatible with all cars sold after 1996.
Installing this Glassware adds a new voice command to your Google Glass, "Show Dashboard". Run the command to insert a live card capable of showing information straight from your car's Engine Control Unit.
AutoHud was developed by Zack Freedman of Voidstar Lab, and is the first publicly-released GDK app to connect to third-party hardware. It is released under the Apache 2.0 license.
If your OBD II adapter has a Bluetooth name that isn't "OBDII", you'll need to recompile the app. See below.
安装此玻璃器皿增加了一个新的声控命令你的骨格玻璃“,显示仪表板” 。运行命令插入能够显示的信息直接从你的车的发动机控制单元的实时卡。
AutoHud由Voidstar实验室扎克弗里德曼开发,并且是第一个公开发布的GDK应用程序连接到第三方硬件。它是根据Apache 2.0许可发布。
如果你的OBD II适配器具有蓝牙名称不是“ OBDII ” ,你需要重新编译应用程序。见下文。
A car with an OBD II port. If your car was sold in the US after 1996, this is legally required.
An ELM327-based OBD-to-Bluetooth adapter. I designed this app to use with this inexpensive dongle.
Optional: An OBD II extender cable if your car's OBD II port is in an inconvenient location.
A computer with adb installed and included in your $PATH. There are many easy-to-follow guides on how to do this.
A Bluetooth keyboard. This is only required for setup.
A 骨格 Glass. Possibly costs more than the car.
一辆车与OBD II端口。如果你的车是1996年之后在美国销售,这是法律规定。
可选:如果一个OBD II延长线汽车的OBD II端口是一个不方便的位置。
计算机与亚行安装并包含在你的$ PATH 。对于如何做到这一点许多易于遵循的指南。
Setup Instructions
Double-check the Requirements and make sure you have everything.
Find and download Settings.apk. Install it on your Glass by connecting it to your computer, opening your favorite command shell, and running adb install -r [path to Settings.apk]. Do not take [path to Settings.apk] literally and actually type [path to Settings.apk] into the Terminal. You're smarter than that.
Download VoidstarAutoHud.apk from right here and install it the same way.
Get into the car and plug the dongle into the OBD II port. Its power light will illuminate.
Open Settings.apk and pair the Bluetooth keyboard with your Glass. Pair with the OBDII dongle. Usual passwords are 0000, 1234, and 6789. Throw the keyboard out the window, you're done with it.
If your dongle has a name other than "OBDII", you will need to recompile and reinstall the app. See below.
Turn your car's ignition. This is not optional. Your car's ECU is only active when the engine is running.
Return to the Glass clock. Say "OK Glass, show dashboard." Tap, hit Connect.
After a few seconds, RPM, fuel, and MPG should appear. Welcome to the future!
Drive safely. Wearing Glass while driving is legal in most states, but you have a run-in with the law, it will set a legal precedent that will get many otherwise innocent people into trouble. Remember, automobile crimes on interstate highways are felonies. I strongly suggest testing the app on a track or abandoned lot instead of the road.
When you're done driving, tap the AutoHud card, select Stop, and tap it. Unplug the OBD dongle when you turn off the ignition or it will drain your battery!
查找和下载Settings.apk。在你的玻璃将其连接到电脑,打开你最喜欢的命令外壳,并运行ADB安装-r [路径Settings.apk]安装它。别拿[路径Settings.apk]字面和实际键入[路径Settings.apk]到终端。你聪明得多。
进入汽车连接器插入的OBD II端口。它的电源指示灯会亮起。
Special Instructions
If your dongle is called something other than "OBDII", AutoHud will not detect it. For the time being, the name is hardcoded in. To compile a custom version with your dongle's name, follow these steps:
Install the Android Developer Toolkit, sdk-tools, and the GDK.
Pull AutoHud's source from GitHub and open it in ADT Eclipse.
Open the file "strings.xml" in the folder "values" in the folder "res". Click "obd_adapter_name" and change its Value to the name of your OBD II dongle.
Connect your Glass to your computer. Click Run → Run As → Android Application. Select your Glass and your new, tweaked version should install.
如果你的加密狗被称为不是“ OBDII ”等, AutoHud不会检测到它。暂时,这个名字被硬编码在编译自定义版本的加密狗的名称,请按照下列步骤操作:
安装Android开发工具包, SDK ,工具,和GDK 。
从GitHub上拉AutoHud的源和ADT Eclipse中打开它。
打开文件夹“ RES ” “的strings.xml ”的文件夹“价值观” 。点击“ obd_adapter_name ”,改变其值设置为你的OBD II适配器的名称。
The application structure is based off the Google Glass "Compass" GDK sample and used under Apache 2.0.
The icons are taken from Font Awesome and used under SIL OFL 1.1. Font Awesome was developed by Dave Gandy and is available at It totally rules and you should download
该应用程序的结构是基于关闭骨格玻璃“北斗” GDK样品和Apache 2.0下使用。
由戴夫·甘迪开发,可在 。它完全规则,你应该下载

骨格== 什么 大家知道的


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