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USBEE 倒闭了?

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不卖了, 只support存量客户了。  
产品线挺丰富的, 怎么说不做就不做了。

CWAV, Inc. has been closed and no longer sells the USBee Test Pods

Making and selling the USBee Test Pods has been a rewarding and exciting adventure, but not without its challenges.  Due to these challenges CWAV, Inc., makers of the USBee Test Pods, has chosen to go out of business effective September 10, 2015.

This site remains for USBee support purposes and you will find the most recent downloads and Users Manuals on our Downloads page.  If you need technical support for your USBee product or warranty issues you may also email

I thank all of the customers and distributors for their unfailing support over the many years.  I have truly enjoyed inventing the USBee Test Pods and have loved seeing all of the brilliant engineers find it so useful in debugging their own designs.  I now transition to new endeavors, including design and development services  relating to test equipment and other electronics developments.  If you would like to work together, need the design and development of a custom test equipment product for you, or need my services, please email me at tim_at_usbee_dot_com.

Kindest Regards,

Tim Harvey - Inventor of the USBee
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